Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cherry Tomatso

Following our article here, regarding a new therapy available in Saltburn we have received a number of requests from readers asking how they can learn more about becoming a Tomatso therapist. They will be pleased to learn, therefore that from September a new course will be available for trainee therapists called 'Cherry Tomatso.'

In one of his more lucid moments Professor Dribble of Saltburn University gave us the details.

"It is a thoroughly comprehensive course beginning with hints and tips on spotting gullible people, to talking pseudo-scientific bollocks about things like 'energy flows' and 'visceral mobilisation'. The final part of the course gives details of the best techniques for relieving the client of as much money as possible."

Anyone interested in the course should contact Professor Dribble at the Seaview Nursing Home.

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