Sunday, 8 July 2007

Hypocrisy Threat to Climate

Following the Live Earth concerts which took place yesterday scientists from the Saltburn campus of Hull University have warned that the massive increase in Hypocrisy in the atmosphere is threatening irreversible damage to the environment.

Professor Dribble, of the University said, "Our Climatological Bollocks Department has detected a marked increase in Hypocrisy in the atmosphere since yesterday together with an excess of other dangerous abstract nouns such as Insincerity and the most dangerous factor of all in these circumstances, known to us scientists as 'Talking Complete Bollocks'.

The Professor continued, "We consider these events to be exremely serious for the long term well-being of planet Earth and would urge the people of Saltburn to turn up their Bullshit Detectors to maximum as an initial precaution against mental illness as a result of their sudden increase in the atmosphere. People should be particularly wary of the prime exponent of this type of thing, a person who apparently goes by the name of 'Al Gore'. We at the University of Hull have calculated that this man produces more dangerous Hypocrisy in a day than the whole of Belgium."

For the benefit of some of our readers from south of Watford, Hull is a town on the Yorkshire Coast. Yorkshire is a county in the North of England. England is that funny place outside the M25 where you can't get a decent latte.

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