Sunday, 22 July 2007

Smoking Ban Latest

Saltburn Town council officials have ordered The Pier Amusements to shut its windows and doors to stop cigarette smoke drifting inside from cargo ships and tankers passing Saltburn on their way to Teesport.

The enforcement officers warned that fumes from smokers on board passing vessels could waft through and violate the ban. (picture right).

They told staff to keep all windows and doors closed throughout the summer months — or risk being fined.

Regular customer Marion Morrison said: “I was using the slot machines and trying to pick up teenage girls when the two officers came in and spoke to the manager and they then closed the windows."

“I’m a supporter of the smoking ban, but this was an overzealous way to enforce the new law.”

Environmental health officer Ms J Hand-Wringer said: “I can confirm we advised the premises that the windows be closed.

“This is in keeping with good practice to ensure compliance with the spirit of the legislation.

“Every situation is different and we need to ensure nonsmokers don’t have to endure smoke blowing in from outside.”

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