Monday, 2 July 2007

Letter from the Blogmeister

I don’t usually say much in these editorials. Heaven knows, there’s hardly any space. But there are often times, believe you me, when I think that I want to say something. I think to myself ‘Why not?’ ‘As editor, you’re entitled to have your say,’ I say to myself. But then, just as I’m about to start saying things, along comes another demand for space. An extension to the itinery of the Inner Wheel Club, perhaps, or maybe the WI’s diary. Other times, I’ll have to add in at the last minute an important announcement such as a notification of a bottle-top fundraising event for the community centre roof or an urgent request for volunteers for the Monrovian Larch cull in Valley Gardens.

Lo and behold, before you know it there’s no space left for me to say anything by the time I’ve included all this. One day, I will write what I think about some things. But until then, there’s no more space so it’s goodbye and best wishes to you all until next time. Love, Bwian

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