Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Blue Plaques for Town

Plaques are to be put up to mark historic buildings and sites in Saltburn.

"Three sites have been identified, but we would welcome an input from the local community and the help of local people is being sought for ideas and suggestions for a further seven sites" said Councillor Robbo Johnson of the Town Council. "We have all this money from the 'European Crap Council's Support Fund", he continued, "and we're running out of ideas."

The first three plaques will be installed at the following points:

The site of Saltburn's former Halfpenny Bridge where it is reputed the UK's first dirty phone call took place across the valley. Pity Saltburn Town Council wasn't recognized as completely crap a few years ago, in which case maybe this money would have been made available for repair and maintenance, and maybe the bridge wouldn't have deteriorated to the point of virtual collapse, leading to its demolition.

The second plaque will be installed at Saltburn Beach where the world land speed reading record was broken, in 1904, by Colonel Betty Threepwood's father Geraldine riding a camel.

Finally, Wankies Castle will site the third plaque, as the oldest building in Saltburn still in occupation and the site of the founding of the Saltburn Moustache League.

Each plaque will be made of specially treated steel 10" in diameter and incorporate the name of the manufacturers, Wasteofpublicmoney Limited.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the up and coming proposed application to build on the outskirts of Saltburn. First proposed site is to the rear of Wilton Bank in the bottom field below the bridle path, this is to site 300 executive homes!!! 2nd site is across the road from the riding school which is to site 250 executive homes. This is an outrage. can anyone help prevent this?