Tuesday, 24 July 2007

New Start for Eddy

Regular readers might remember the troubles experienced by Eddy Bellend detailed here.

Eddy has been in contact again to explain that he is now starting a mobile chimney sweeping service on the suggestion of a friend. So far business has been picking up he said, "I wasn't convinced at first. It seemed like a silly idea! But I've had one customer so far and she didn't seem to mind when I accidentally set fire to the chimney with the combined chimney sweeper and flame thrower. I'm now much more optimistic, and it won't take long for my eyebrows to grow back."

We can only wish him well.


Joan of Joan's Jams said...

No wonder she didn't mind if she got to call the fire brigade. Lucky bitch!

Anonymous said...

Eddy is my friend, in fact he's everyone's friend, and I don't exist, in a material sense, at all.