Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Threat to Climate Intensifies

Further to our warning here, regarding the threat to the environment of increasing levels of hypocrisy, we have been contacted once again by Professor Dribble of Hull University's Climatological Bollocks Department, who had this to say.

"There is increasing evidence of soaring levels of hypocrisy and mental illness in Saltburn. As an example I reproduce a comment recently placed on this blog by 'Anonymous', as a classic example of the problem.

'Good job we have such noble self-sacrificing citizens as yourselves to protect the people of Saltburn, then, isn't it? Shame you do it anonymously. Oh. And that you haven't bothered to get your facts right.


I'm sure you will agree that the hypocrisy and unsubstantiated allegations that it contains betray a lack of self awareness bordering on mental illness. I can only assume that the writer saw the whole of the 'Live Earth' concert at the week end. All I can say is that I told you so!"

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Kevin Sicknote said...

I've got a new bike, did I tell you about it?