Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A Good School?

Here is an article which appears on the 'Talk of the Town' website :
A Good School - it's official! March 2007
The staff students, parents and governors of Huntcliff School are delighted that the recent OFSTED inspection has recognised the teamwork that leads to their overall judgement as 'Good' in all 5 areas assessed under the new framework. For the full story see the March Edition of Talk of the Town - Page 22

Here is another such article :
Official Openeing of Childrens Centre 14th Dec

The new Childrens Centre on the Huncliffe site ill be oficially opened on 14th December by BBC Radio's Stuart McFarlane and 2-year old Chariss Savory at 1.30pm.

The new centre, which cost £1.3m to build, has proved very popular with young families not only from Saltburn, but from the surounding villages of Guisborough, Lingdale, Boosbeck & Skelton.

Rosedene Nurseries run th 45-place nursery for under 5's, but the centre also includes daycare, health clinics, training courses and councelling.

How many mistakes can you spot? We would say at least six....Good thing we have such a good school in Saltburn.



Anonymous said...

Good job we have such noble self-sacrificing citizens as yourselves to protect the people of Saltburn, then, isn't it? Shame you do it anonymously. Oh. And that you haven't bothered to get your facts right.


Saltburn subversives said...

Dear anonymous

Thank you for your anonymous comment, posted anonymously.

We note your disapproval of the anonymity of the blog, with interest.

Please feel free to post any further anonymous comments at any time as we like a good laugh. Please feel free to do so anonymously

Jimmy Horace said...

Fuc***g Cu*%s

A Teecher said...

excuse me,Huncliffe Schooll, Saltburn has been congratulatateded by new govermors' chair John Dunn for acheiving it's best-ever result from an Offstead inspeKshun.

So there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Saltburn Subversives

My last comment was made anonymously because I believed that to be the vein of this blog. Is that not so? Oh. My bad.


Saltburn subversives said...

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your recent comment posted anonymously.

We are, of course, left wondering what, "My bad." means. We can only speculate. Here are some of our ideas,

"My bad ...English,"

"My bad...habit of missing the point,"

"My bad...habit of talking complete bollocks,"

What do you think?

All we can say is that whatever school you went to should be burnt to the ground as soon as possible. They have let you down.

We have posted an excerpt from P G Wodehouse and would urge you to study his works. If you need help finding a simple work on basic English spelling and grammar we would be only too happy to oblige.