Saturday, 7 July 2007

Police Raid Farm in Skelton

Police rushed to a farm in Skelton yesterday — after a man was seen romping with a cow.

A shocked passer-by rang 999 after seeing the man — wearing only black briefs — having sex with the animal at 4.30am.

By the time officers arrived he had fled but night-time patrols are on the alert in case he strikes again.

Farmer Roger Bovine was stunned to hear what had happened to the cow, one of three rare English longhorns in the field.

Specialist breeder Roger, 39, even thinks he knows which of them was the victim — a looker named Blondie who is the friendliest.

The man was scared off when the passer-by shouted at him at Richard’s farm in Skelton. Locals are certain he was not from the area. (sic!)

He added: “I have got to be much more vigilant. The cows don’t seem to be spending so much time inside and are happier outside the barn at night.”

We understand the police are looking for a man aged about 30 years, with short fair hair and a low IQ. He was believed to have been driving a black VW Golf.


gtoughuk said...

Apparently he has been seen playing with the sheep at Saltburn church.

gtoughuk said...
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gtoughuk said...

someone else is also up to it.