Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Two Men Arrested on 'Crap Terrorism' Charges.

Following our recent report here

Salburn Subversives has heard that two men have been arrested in connection with the incident. The men are believed to be Mustaph Halfabrain, proprietor of the 'Apoststes for Burning' shop in Milton Street (free Union Jack with every Rushdie effigy) and Mr Halfabrain's nephew Haafeez Ballzmissin. We believe, both men have been charged with 'terrorist incompetence bordering on the dangerously hilarious'

As he was being led away Mr. Halfabrain said, "I blame the teachers! The quality of science teaching in this country is rubbish! How is my nephew supposed to become a self respecting mass murdering jihadist if he has no idea how to make a proper bomb? The education system in this country is rubbish! It's all a plot by the Jews to oppress us poor muslims!"

PC Stanley Mole, Saltburn's Community Police Officer was unavailable for comment as he is attending a three week 'Gender Awareness Course' in the Mendip Hills.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

lol...woohoo!...Its Independence day t'day in the good ole US of A!..keep fighting the good fight mate and ty for stoppin by at my humble abode!