Thursday, 12 July 2007

Annual Tattoo Contest in Skelton

We understand from Saltburn Town Council that Skelton's traditional tattoo competition has been granted permission to go ahead on August the third despite protests from Saltburn residents.

Councillor Robbo Johnson, Head of the 'Leisure Activities and Bestiality' unit told the Subversives, "We all remember what happened last year when tattoos of sheep and other domestic animals were allowed to be represented in the competition, and the unpleasantness that resulted. But I can assure local residents that with the new Animal Tattoo Regulations coming into force from the 19th of this month, those problems should not be repeated. "

Not all Saltburn residents were convinced. We spoke to Colonel Betty Threepwood, chairman of the Saltburn Busybodies Association, who said "It's all very well for the Council to try to support local traditions but they don't have to clear up the mess afterwards. What about the loss to local sheep farmers that took place last year. Some of them still haven't received compensation for all their livestock that died of shock!"

We look forward to the results of the competition.

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