Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Advertising Rag Insults Brave Survivors of "Chernobly"

Readers of SS are directed here to view a most offensive article from our town's prime advertising organ Talk of the Town.

The Versive likes a joke as much as the next blog but always steers away from anything of dubious taste especially the childish mocking of the innocent victims of terrible disasters. We regard warping Chernobyl's name to suggest that its inhabitants are nobbly, presumably due to strange genetic mutations, as a sick thing to print. Unfortunately, it is little more than we have come to expect from a 'magazine' which proudly boasts its obsession with dog shit and litter.

Whatever next from this demotic journal. They'll doubtless be poking fun at the Japanese calling their women Horribleshimas or Nagasaggers, having a good laugh at the big-noses of the butchered children of the 'Hooter' tribe in Rwanda, making light of Saddam's gassing of the Lemons in northern Iraq.

Sickos. We say arrest the editor and nuke the bastard's offices.

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