Friday, 25 May 2007

Yet Another Message from the Blogmeister

I'd like to make it known that I've always thought that people think this blog's masthead (the title style of the blog) and front cover is a bit "naff". Not enough interesting stuff like 'New! Inside! Special Feature! Turn to Page 2 Now!' Or even more interesting stuff like 'My Husband Married an Alien!' That's because I'm a useless, self-righteous middle class tosser who thinks that I should get to tell people what to think. Although I realise, of course that if I run this blog properly and professionally and actually gave people what they would enjoy, and informed them about what is really happening in Saltburn, I would make a lot of money, I much prefer occupying what I consider to be the moral high ground and talking a load of of sanctimonious bollocks that has no relation to the real world. It's much easier than thinking for myself and trying to make a real difference to this town. It is, after all, much easier being a cretinous hypocritical leftie, than engaging with reality. I knew you'd understand.

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