Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Message from the Blogmeister

As regular resders will know, I've always seen my job as simply to produce this blog and not make any personal comment on things. I like to take a back seat and let the people of Saltburn have their say. But I feel motivated to speak on behalf of those with whom I agree but who seem not to wish to express their opinions.

As usual this blog is packed with interesting articles, as a result of all my hard work and self sacrifice . I know that all my friemds realise how hard I work, but for some reason seem to feel that they need not say so. I expect they think that I am too shy to accept praise and that I would only be embarrassed by it. It is true that I am very modest but not too modest to accept praise from my friends in Saltburn who realise what a great job I do! So come on! If you want to congratulate me on all my hard work and self sacrifice...I don't mind! And if you see me in the street and want to say thank you, please do. I don't mind. Don't hold back !

Love, Bwian

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