Monday, 21 May 2007

Letter from the Blogmeister

Saltburn is a very special place and I'm honoured to be able to produce this blog and serve Saltburn's population. There's no need to thank me. I simply do the blog to the best of my ability and get the job done. No matter how much hard work and self sacrifice it might take.

I like to think of this blog as the real voice of the people of Saltburn. And that's what this blog is. A community blog, independent of any controlling authority, self financing through advertising, not reflecting the views of anyone but me and my friends and presenting a full range of opinions from any of my friends who wish to use the facility. And that is what it is: a facillity for the people of Saltburn to use. I will print any old rubbish that people send to me. ( so long as it's from one of my friends).

This blog has become as much a part of the community as Only Organics, Make All You Can or any of my other friends' businesses. I'm lost for words. Love Bwian.

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The Rejuggulator said...

Can I take issue with your typically self-denying ordinance in this editorial that 'there is no need to thank me'.

There is, indeed, every need for us readers to send in overblown plaudits for all your hard work. We enjoy writing them and the readers enjoy, erm, reading them. Thank you.

Doss House,