Sunday, 13 May 2007

Letter from the Blogmeister

I feel it's time I mentioned something about some of the letters I rceive for publication. I do not think that the letters page is an appropriate forum for unkind remarks about my friends even if those unkind remarks are justified. Also I do not consider that the letters page should be used for attacks on my friends' businesses: if you have a complaint to make please don't hesitate to get stuffed.

It is just not fair to attempt to drag me into someone else's argument when I already do so much hard work on behalf of the town. Also, the opposite is true: praise for Saltburn businesess is very nice but the letters page is not intended to provide free publicity, unless it's for businesses owned by my friends. It is for letters about important things like this blog and all my hard work and self sacrifice. And litter and dog waste.

Love Bwian.

Phew! That was such hard work.

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