Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Flag Pole Vandalism

Since posting the recent article on flag pole painting Saltburn Subversives has learnt of a wanton act of vandalism involving flag poles. Mr. Norman Wadds, of The New Seafront Hotel claims that the flag poles in his beer garden have been daubed with offensive slogans.

'Gratuitously post-modern slogans have been scrawled all over my flag poles,' he said 'one of them appears to read 'Flag poles are a part of the meaningless nature of reality- Derrida.' And another says 'Flagpoles are fundamentally elitist- Lyotard'. He went on to say 'I don't understand these people, how could they be so destructive?'

We understand that a 38 year old man from Bolton is helping police with their enquiries. PC Stanley Mole, Saltburn's Community Police Officer was unavailable for comment as he has been on compulsory 'Deversity Training' since the much puplicised incident with the illegal immigrant, the goat and the barmaid from Skelton.

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