Wednesday, 9 May 2007

£ Make All You Can £

Piers Banker of the 'Make All you Can' shop in Saltburn has been in touch with details of their forthcoming training and therapies.

Marjorie Gull will be conducting sessions in energy breathing and rebirthing. Learn how to breathe energy well, and breathe away diseases and physical or emotional pain. A half our session is £75

Jennifer Money-Belt will be offering regression and reparenting,whereby the patient must wear a nappy, suck his thumb and drink from a baby bottle to be cured. One hour will cost £100

John Stash uses hypnosis to discover the patient’s past or future lives as an alien abductee, in an effort to help them. Sessions start from £300 for 2 hours.

Arthur Ripov practices Primal Therapy, in which the patient must rid herself of Primal Pain, which can be eradicated only by learning the Proper Way to Scream and punctuate. One hour is

Anyone tempted by the kind of new age bollocks peddled in the 'Talk of the Town' should read this. And this.

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