Monday, 7 May 2007

Days from a Downtown Dosshouse

Hello readers. I have always wanted to have a column in which I can write about myself and use a lot of clichés. Well would you know it, last month my dream came true. The editor of this noble blog asked whether I'd be interested in sharing all my hilarious anecdotes about my amusing life and making trite observations about cutlery drawers. This, I thought to myself without the merest suggestion of smug self-regard, sounds like just the job for yours truly.

This though, fair readers be warned, is just my introduction. I won't be saying anything funny until next week. But once I get into the spirit of it, I'll be serving you a veritable smorgasbord of platitudinous patter with a slight hint of irreverence sometime verging on the risqué. I think of myself as a kind of Terry Wogan with a daft moustache. See you all next week……..

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