Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Flag Pole Painting in Saltburn

A new course will soon be available on the Saltburn campus of Hull University.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Roger Dribble gave Saltburn Subversives the details.

'The course is in three parts,' he said, 'the first part is called, 'Precultural flag pole painting and capitalist materialism,' in which the subject is contextualised into an objectivism that includes language as a whole. But if predialectic nihilism holds, we have to choose between capitalist materialism and the materialist paradigm of flag pole painting.

The second section is entitled, 'Capitalist theory and neotextual flag pole painting,' in which Lacan, amongst others, promotes the use of textual subcultural theory to attack outmoded perceptions of flag pole painting. However, Sartre uses the term ‘objectivism’ to denote the difference between class and flag pole painting, spelling and postcultural theory.

Part three concerns 'Flag pole painting and post-post structuralist theory. 'Narrativity is part of the paradigm of flag pole painting, says Foucault; however, according to Reicher, it is not so much narrativity that is part of the paradigm of flag pole painting, but rather the stasis, and some would say the dialectic, of narrativity. Therefore, Bataille uses the term ‘capitalist theory’ to denote the bridge between flag pole painting and truth.'

Professor Dribble's carer said, 'Now then Professor Dribble, you know you have to be back at 'Seaview' before 6 pm for your tea. It's fishfingers tonight, you like fish fingers don't you dear?'

Professor Dribble is from Bolton.

Anyone interested in the course should contact the professor at the Seaview nursing home on Marine Parade, where the requisite medical professionals are available.

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