Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Letter from the Blogmeister

With all the hard work and self sacrifice that is involved in creating this blog it is very tiresome to receive silly hate mail from individuals with nothing better to do than criticise in an unconstructive and unpleasant way. I'm sick and tired of being accused of having some connection with 'Just Organics' and 'Make All You Can'. No, I do not. This blog is truly independent. It is a privately owned business funded by advertising and is occasionally funded out of my own pocket as a service to the community of Saltburn. Who owns it? I do. Simple as that. The blog exists on a financial knife edge but overall makes a profit. Who gets to keep the profit? I do. And that is only right and proper in every moral, legal and practical sense, for goodness sake. love from Bwian.

1 comment:

Sheelagh said...

This is the unfortunate thing about the internet. How about having some spam control or comment approval system on your blog to prevent unwanted comments? Good luck - nice blog.