Saturday, 12 May 2007

Tazz's Classics

Tazz's classics is an occasional series sponsored and suggested by Bill''s 'Insertion Sticky Tapes',

Overheard in the lounge bar,

TAZZ: 'Steve, do we sell cranberry juice?'

STEVE: 'Yes we sell Schweppes cranberry juice.'

TAZZ: 'Where is it?'

STEVE: 'It's in the bar. On the shelf with the other fruit juices.'

TAZZ: 'What colour is it?'

Tazz goes through to the bar. Much gaitey ensues.

SUBVERSIVE: (Once calm has been restored) 'How does he sell orange juice?'

STEVE: 'We have to put labels on that say 'Orange'.

Join the Cranberry Club here. Make sure you play the video.

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