Sunday, 13 May 2007

The 'Flag poles' Exhibition at Saltburn Theatre

Saltburn Subversives has learnt that the legendary American flag pole artist and song writer J. Stanley Lumpsen will be bringing his exciting and innovative exhibition 'Flag Poles' to Saltburn Theatre next month. It is a multi media installation featuring stunning 23 ft tall images and other printed materials, but most importantly it is a focal point of digital projection which incorporates poetry, voices, music and soundscapes illustrating the place of flag poles in art.

Asked why he would be bringing the exhibition to Saltburn Mr. Lumpsen said.

'How could I resist the persuasive testimony of so many friends and flag pole-lovers who claimed that the Cleveland region of north eastern England was flag pole heaven? Conscious that cultural change was inevitable and possibly imminent, especially in view of Saltburn’s apparent intention to join the EU, my wife Margaret and I traveled to Teesside in September, 2006. We wanted to confirm the reality of the dream-like flag pole-covered hillsides, we’d seen in magazines, guide-books and innumerable online websites.'

The introductory presentation on Friday, 2nd of June will create an awareness of what opportunities exist to create great flag poles, starting from a 'little knowledge' base line.

Everyone is welcome.

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