Monday, 14 May 2007

Days from a Downtime Dosshouse part II

Hello readers. I just thought I'd tell you about my pens. They are very interesting. I love pens because they make me feel so important when I do book signings. I love book signings because they make me feel so important. And I love pens too. Although the last time I went to W. H. Smiths to sign some books, they didn't seem to know who I was or that they should be happy to let me sign some of their books. Even though I showed them my pens which are prestigious. I expect it's all down to the great Cosmic Joker!

But I forgot to tell you about my pens! And they're so wonderful! I bought six wonderful black and silver biro pens from an important and prestigious shop in Oxford Street or somewhere equally prestigious. They're very heavy and reliable and important looking, like me. I always take them with me when I have an important book signing in Oxford Street or somewhere equally prestigious and important. But, and this'll make you laugh!!! I can't find my important and prestigious pens since the police confiscated them at an important and prestigiuos book signing! It must be that great Cosmic Joker again!! See you all next week....

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allan

Can we have one of your 'funny' articles next time?