Saturday, 5 May 2007

Creepy, Creeping Creationism

Here is an advert from the March edition of our 'much loved' local magazine, 'Talk of the Town'. Sharp-eyed readers will notice a little cartoon in the bottom right hand corner of page 13, whereby the God Botherers appear to be poking fun at evolutionary biology.

Who would you trust your children's education to...scientists who make logical deductions from a mountain of observable and testable evidence...or a bunch of ignorant, unqualified and unscientific god botherers. You choose.

Anybody who allows their children to be exposed to this type of creationist drivel or so called 'Intelligent Design' is guilty of child abuse. Any one actually exposing them to it should be taken out and shot. Twice.

If you don't believe me try here

Cheers SS

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