Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sixth Fleet off Huntcliffe

In a move which is bound to increase tension in America's 'War on Victoriana', Saltburn Subversives has learned that the US Sixth Fleet has been ordered to anchor off Huntcliffe.

According to CNN a senior spokesman at the Department of Defense said 'Not only is this town in Yorkshire, England a hot bed of Victoriana but intelligence reports indicate that one of it's inhabitants likes to holiday in Cuba. The President doesn't like Cuba because his Daddy told him Castro was a bad man.'

As President Bush himself said in his recent speech in Texas 'The American people can rest easy in the knowledge that I am determined to crack down on Victorianists, and anyone who doesn't do what my Daddy says.'

In response to the news Councillor Jack Daw said 'We won't bow to this sort of pressure! We'll respond by threatening them with a feature in the 'Talk of the Town.' They'll be sorry!'

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