Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Further Allotment Controversy

Following our recent story here,

Saltburn Subversives has learned of a further controversy involving Saltburn Allotments. We understand that Saltburn Town Council is seeking to enforce the recent 'Shed Alignment (allotments) regulations 2007', passed in response to complaints nationally regarding inappropriatley aligned sheds. Since the passage of the regulations no shed may be placed on an allotment unless it is aligned appropriately and in a satisfyingly aesthetic manner, with regard to other sheds or structures on the same set of allotments.

A spokesperson from Saltburn Town Council Ms. Janet Hand-Wringer said "We need to protect the people of Saltburn from the danger represented by incorrectly aligned sheds, and besides, we at the council need something to do, and if we didn't make a laughing stock of ourselves on a regular basis people would think we weren't doing our jobs properly."

(you may very well think that this is a satirical article. After all, you're an intelligent person. Sorry...this story is actually true...)

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