Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Council Debates School Planning Application

The planning application for Saltburn's new 'superschool' was debated at Saltburn Town Council Planning Committee on June the 15th. The school is to be built over the next sixteen months and will cost £16 million pounds.

The application was approved subject to the exterior colour scheme. Councillor Mrs. Daphne Mewling said "It's going to look lovely, mostly cream, maroon and turquoise green!Smashing!"

Councillor Peter Spandex disagreed. "This colour scheme is a disaster!" he said, "My partner Rupert says it would look much nicer bright pink with detail in cerise and chocolate. I'm sure the people of Saltburn would agree!"

Dismissing questions from Saltburn Subversives regarding access to the new school and whether the design would serve the best interests of the young people of Saltburn, Councillor Mewling said, "Don't worry about all that, It'll look absolutely lovely!"

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