Friday, 1 June 2007

Dottytheists Ask for Help

Members of Saltburn's Dottytheist Church have been awarded a grant from English Heritage towards repairing the roof. An architect's initial estimate puts the cost of repairs at just under £100,000. The spokesman for the church, Rev. Rollo Bogey said that it was a condition of the grant that church members should raise a minimum of £3.87 each towards the cost by the end of the year. As the grant is only for £55,000 there will also be a substantial shortfall and Mr. Bogey is making a number of applications to other grant-making bodies including Saltburn Town Council.

Mr. Bogey told SS 'It's a disgrace that members of the Church are having to make such a large contribution to the repair of our ugly Victorian monstrosity. I don't know whether we'll be able to raise it in time. If people want irrational but deeply held beliefs to prosper in Saltburn, they'll just have to dig deeper in their pockets!'

He went on to say 'Our church has almost ten members. Services are regularly attended by an average of five or six people on a Sunday and up to three attend worship on Wednesdays, and sometimes a dog.'

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