Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Saltburn Moustache League

Saltburn Moustache League has been in contact with the Subversives to express their outrage at the current threat from Saltburn Town Council. Colonel Betty Threepwood (pictured right) chairperson of the league, and five times winner of the gold medal in the annual Saltburn moustache growing competition said, " this new council policy is a threat to moustache rights everywhere and I urge Saltburn residents to oppose it."

We contacted the Council who told us that officials are taking action against moustache owners who allow their moustaches, ear or nasal hair to overhang the pavements.

Officals have written to eight residents, who are the most serious offenders. They have appealed to their spirit of "good neighbourliness". But if moustaches and other forms of facial hair are not trimmed back Council Officials could do the work and send the bills to the residents concerned.

The Council was alerted to the problem by a detailed letter from a blind man, who has hit his head several times on offending facial hair. He said, "The situation is getting worse daily, and is exacerbated by warm and humid weather."

Councillor Jack Daw, cabinet member for Strategic Facial Hair Planning, Development and Infrastructure, said he was grateful for the information from the resident, who had written several times about the problem.

"We have written to the eight worst offenders and asked them to take action, but because the moustaches are on private land we cannot simply remove them", he said.

Councillor Daw said the letters explained that the facial hair could overgrow to such an extent that it could cause a hazard to pedestrians and children.

"We can ask them to take action under a clause in the Highways Act 1980. Our highways inspectors will visit the residents in two weeks to see if the work has been done. If it hasn't the work will be carried out by our emergency shaving squad and the residents will be billed."

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