Saturday, 9 June 2007

Spirit Matters...News and Experience from Emmanuel Church

Almost everything the church has taught about Christ is false.....?

So claims the Da Vinci Code - the world's most widely read blockbusting novel and film. It's a great read and one of the good things about it is that its characters risk everything to know the truth. And more specifically the truth about Jesus Christ.

It works as a piece of fiction but as a text book on Jesus it is, well, pretty lousy. It claims that the church has been covering up the real truth about Christ through terror and manipulation. As if Christians would do that! It claims that Jesus was a good man and that he got married, and that early Christians were responsible for covering that up. Lies, all lies. As we all know, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Jesus Christ existed at all. There is not a single scrap of documentary or archaeological evidence that the whole new testament is anything other than a tissue of pathetic, wish fulfilling fantasy.

Over the next month at Emmanuel Church we'll be looking at who Jesus really was. Obviously we won't be telling the truth. We'll be peddling the same old bollocks from the gospels, otherwise we'd be out of a job!

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