Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Outbreak of Good Manners at Saltburn Salerooms

Locals, including some people from Skelton, have been flocking to the famous Saltburn Salerooms after rumours that the auctioneers have been treating bidders with a most unusual air of courtesy and, some claim, affability.

Last week at least one report reached Saltburn Subversives offices claiming that Jim 'button-it-ignorant-peasant-I'm-trying-to-run-an-auction-here' Sayten was sharing a joke with a customer on viewing day. It is claimed that a perceptible bon-homie-style chuckle was distinctly audible.

Surely only the sight of Beardman from Kilimanjaro imploring punters to 'feel free to touch and have a go' can beat this.

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Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey