Sunday, 17 June 2007

Tazz's Cassics III

The Subversives are acutely aware that Tazz fans have been neglected lately. So this month we have a treat for you. Tazzisms and a couple of Tazz 'jokes'. Enjoy.

'Versive to Tazz behind the bar :"Tazz, I'll give you two quid if you call Bill 'Dad' when he comes in with his new girlfriend."

Tazz : "Ok"

'Versive : "And keep calling him 'Dad', Ok?"

Some time later Bill comes into the bar, accompanied by new girlfriend. Tazz looks at him. You can see the cogs whirring.

Tazz to Bill : "Oh, I think I was supposed to call you Dad."

Landlady to Tazz : "Tazz, go to the shop and get me two pounds of satsumas."

Tazz : "How many is two pounds?"

Landlady to Tazz : "Oh Tazz! Just get two bags."

George to Tazz : "Dolphins are the only animals apart from humans that commit rape."

Tazz to George : "Dolphins aren't animals, they're mammals."

Tazz 'jokes'

Do you think he's got a big head?


Humpty Dumpty!

When do you think he'll come down?


Jack in the beanstalk!

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