Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Quack of the Month Award

This month's Quack of the month award goes to Katherine Fu whose website is here. Check out the price list! Brilliant! If only we all had the front to charge this sort of money for a load of bullshit. We'd all be rich.

Katherine scores 8 out of ten on the Quackometer which states

"This web site has more quackery than my village pond. It shows no sceptical awareness and so should be treated with a suspicious mind.,"

The usual bucket of cow dung is on the way to you Katherine!

NB We do need the bucket back. Recent awardees have not been very cooperative in this respect. We feel we must point out that this blog is run on a shoestring. We cannot continue to make these awards unless we get the bucket back. Afterall there are so-o-oo many bullshit merchants in Saltburn (and surrounding area- Katherine!), we'd soon be bankrupt otherwise!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have a simple proposition to make here, as simple is the word. Have printed some buckets that are in use for ice-cream, with a logo on it "magick cow dung - treats anything",(cristals and stars and a cresent a bit everywhere) and just send it with a bill of about €112,34 attached. Even when just 1% gets paid one has the investment paid back. And when in luck, they ask for more ...
A.Th. van der Heijden